Duns Co-op site concern

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Plans for a new Co-op store in Duns are causing some concern to some in the town, largely because of its location.

Co-op representatives gave a presentation to Duns Community Council last week about their proposals to build a new store on the south side of the A6105, east of the new Berwickshire High School in the town.

Afterwards the community council outlined its main issues with the plans.

The first is its proximity to the high school and future primary school, which will increase pedestrian and vehicular traffic on a busy road with sections of inadequate pavements.

Another concern was the town’s increasingly elderly population who would be unable to access the store because it would be too far for them to walk.

Out–of-town stores causing a decrease footfall in town centres was also a worry as was uncertainty about the future of the current store in Newtown Street and the likelihood it would lie vacant.