Duns Church helping to fund students in Ghana

Pat Scott.
Pat Scott.

Pat Scott, ably assisted by Kathleen Watney, spoke to the Rotary Club about the Navrango Students Education Fund.

This fund gives financial aid to students in Ghana who cannot afford to continue their education into the Senior Secondary System. It is administered by members of St Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church in Duns and came about after the Priest, Father Robert Afayori, told his parishioners about the problem of young, talented, intelligent students who have to leave school at 15 solely because their families cannot afford the few pounds to let them continue with their education.

The cost of one year’s education is £100 a year, and this covers, tuition, school books and uniform. Each student is guaranteed funding for 3 years thereby allowing them to complete their studies.

The Fund was started in 2014 and now supports 10 students but they are keen to support many more. The next tranche of 10 students has been chosen and the Fund organisers are looking to raise a minimum of £2,500 per year for the next four years. As well as organising fund-raising events, a number of individuals have committed to sponsoring an individual student.

Funds raised in the UK are taken out to Ghana by Father Robert and presented directly to the school thus ensuring that the money gets to its destination safely and administration fees are completely avoided.

If anyone is interested in supporting the fund or sponsoring an individual student then please contact Pat Scott – almost everyone knows Pat!