Dunbar pupils want to share their passion for reading

Reading scheme at Dunbar rail station.
Reading scheme at Dunbar rail station.
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Young bookworms in Dunbar are encouraging others to share their passion for reading.

The pupils from the primary school are urging everyone in the town to ‘Switch Off and Read’ at least once a day as part of the Dunbar Reads Together initiative.

They have designed a map of Dunbar to highlight their favourite books and places in the town which can been see at the local rail station. The development trust Sustaining Dunbar has also donated a book swap shelve at the rail station, enabling passengers to pick up a book to read on their journey and donate one they’ve finished with.

Dunbar Reads Together is being run by Lindsey Barley, the school’s support for learning teacher, who said: “Our aim is to saturate the children with books and reading in this ground-breaking project. Everyone in the community is being encouraged to chat about books, what they are reading and their thoughts on it.”

Some of the pupils Stuart Taylor, Harry Newton, Jessica Munro and Rebecca Love are pictured launching the reading scheme at the rail station.