Dunbar mums explain cost of living woes to politicians

Fiona O'Donnell MP and Iain Gray MSP meet mums in Dunbar.
Fiona O'Donnell MP and Iain Gray MSP meet mums in Dunbar.

East Lothian’s Labour MP Fiona O’Donnell visited a Dunbar supermarket to hear a group of local mums’ concerns about the increasing cost of living.

Organised by Asda, the session followed the publication of the supermarket’s latest quarterly Mumdex report recently, which questions more than 5,500 mums throughout the UK about the pressures their family is facing meeting ends meet every day.

The mums from Dunbar were unanimous in their view that the pressure associated with the cost of living was getting worse, not better.

They expressed concern regarding the cost of necessities going up, high public transport costs in the area, rocketing fuel prices and the exorbitant child care fees faced by working parents.

They also had little optimism that things will get better any time soon and highlighted worries about pensions and other future financial pressures, such as how to provide for their children’s further education.

Ms O’Donnell said: “I have been talking about the county’s cost of living crisis for a long time and the results of the latest Asda Mumdex survey confirm that Scottish families are still finding it incredibly hard to cope with worsening cost of living pressures.

“It’s important to me to keep in touch with how people are managing to make ends meet and how they are coping with the pressure. So the listening session in Dunbar was another valuable opportunity to hear from local women.”