Dunbar makes Italian connection

Dunbar and District Twinning Association held preliminary discussions with their potential Italian twin town, Narni, via Skype last week.

A request was made by Narni for a possible formal twinning with Dunbar because of a connection developed in the Second World War. The 2nd Lothians and Borders Horse regiment were the first allied troops to enter Narni in June 1944, liberating it from Nazi occupation.

Twinning representatives from Dunbar have been invited to the 70th celebrations of Narni’s liberation, on June 13 and Narni also want Dunbar to be involved in plans to mark the Italian national remembrance of the end of the second world war in April 2015.

Stephen Bunyan, leader of Dunbar Community Council, said: “Narni’s administration wish to ensure that young citizens are fully aware of the sacrifices which were made during Italy’s period under fascism.”