Dunbar lifeboat out to ‘tricky tow’

Dunbar lifeboat.
Dunbar lifeboat.

Dunbar’s Inshore Lifeboat was launched yesterday just after 2pm, to go to the aid of a local boat.

The Got A Life had requested assistance due to problems with both her main engine and her auxiliary outboard. The boat was positioned west of the yellow marker buoy in Belhaven Bay.

The ILB reached the vessel approximately 12 minutes after making contact with the skipper, took the vessel under tow and made their way back to Dunbar harbour.

Helmsman Gary Crowe advised: “It was a tricky tow back into the harbour, with the swell at the entrance, but with my most experienced crew on board, both boats made it through safely”.

The ILB, using an alongside tow, assisted the skipper of the vessel pick up his mooring.