Dunbar Christmas lights

Dunbar is in danger of looking decidely less festive in Christmas 2014 if no one comes forward to help with the Christmas lights.

A statement from the current commitee reads: “The Dunbar Christmas Lights Committee intend to resign at the end of the current financial year (March 31). This does not affect the current lighting display, which will be maintained, taken down, and stored in the Corn Exchange in January.

“However, the committee will not carry out any further work, i.e. preparation for the 2014 event.”

“The committee has for several years tried to encourage members of the community to join the committee but to no avail. We held an open night at the Corn Exchange to show the public how we operate, but oniy one person turned up.

“No member of the public has attended an AGM over the past two years, leaving just half-a-dozen people to carry out the many tasks associated with Dunbar’s Christmas Lights Display.

If another group of people wishes to organise the Christmas Lights in future, the current committee members are happy to advise and train them and be available to answer any queries that may arise, to ensure that there are successful displays in future years. However, We are not prepared to organise another display after the current one.

The committee thanks the many dedicated people who, during the last 27 years, have maintained the displays, erected and dismantled the lights and the community council and traders who provided financial support.