Dun Primary on the move

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Moving Duns Primary School and the education support centres at Chirnside and Coldstream to the former Berwickshire High School has widespread support.

During consultations with parents and others involved at Duns, Coldstream and Chirnside, road safety was the one main area of concern that cropped up.

It was brought up at a public meeting in Duns earlier this year attended by around 100 people. As a result Scottish Borders Council will address road safety at the school and safe routes to the school in the next phase of the project’s planning.

Relocating the Chirnside specialist education provision to the new Duns Primary School would release spare capacity in the school and would also minimise the need for additional travel for many of the children with complex needs who go there. Likewise in Coldstream spare capacity will be created if the children with communication difficulties are provided for at the new Duns school.

When Education Scotland visited Duns, Coldstream and Chirnside they concluded that: “The proposal to relocate Duns Primary School to a new location within the site of the former Berwickshire High School should have a positive impact on children’s educational experiences.

“The proposal is also likely to improve the co-ordination and provision of specialist services for children with complex needs who live in Berwickshire.

“The council needs to continue to engage with staff, children, their parents and carers and the residents in Duns in order to keep them well informed.”