Ducky is seaching for a new home again

Ducky and Donald steal the dogs food
Ducky and Donald steal the dogs food

A DUCK who’s had more than her fair share of attention in the past few months is looking for a new home once again, weeks after a letter sent out granting permission for her to stay on Eyemouth allotments was revoked and put down to an administrative error by Scottish Borders Council.

The fate of Ducky first made the news in December when her owner James Anderson claimed that he had been given permission to keep her and other fowl on his patch at the Gunsgreen allotments only for SBC to change their mind and ask them to find alternative accomodation for them.

Ducky, Donald and Jess take a bath while thet look for a new home

Ducky, Donald and Jess take a bath while thet look for a new home

The local authority claim no such permission was granted, verbally or in writing, but then weeks later Eyegrow, the group in charge of the allotments, received a letter from them saying that after discussion it was decided to alter guidelines so the ducks could return to their home

In the intervening period, Ducky had been living on a farm in Reston and now she’s looking for a new home again after SBC admitted their mistake.

James has managed to find places for some of the other ducks who were living on the allotments but as things stand Ducky and one other, Donald, have nowhere to live.

Their time is currently split between the allotments- where they are allowed to be during the day - and James’ house at night as the council’s legislation prohibits them staying at the allotments over night.

He and a number of others who currently use the allotments, are keen to find a new site which isn’t governed by the council.

“I’ve managed to find homes for the other ducks but at the moment Ducky is back staying with me,” James told ‘The Berwickshire News’ earlier this week.

“I put an advert on Gumtree asking people to come forward if they’d be willing to have the ducks as house pets - some have gone to a house near Galashiels and another is at a small holding near Duns.

“I haven’t got a pond at home so her and Donald are spending a lot of time in the bath tub. Obviously it’s not ideal but it’s the best I can do for now.

“Myself and two other guys with ducks on the allotment are looking for a new site we can house ducks without having to answer to the council.

“I’m really keen to hear from any farmers who might be able to rent out some land to us.

“Over Christmas and new year Ducky was staying with one of my friends in Reston but going there twice a day was a bit of a hassle and cost quite a bit in petrol. I’d like to find a site that was about four miles away at most.”

Anyone who is interested in renting out land to give the ducks a new home can contact James on 07540400169.