Drone Hill operates safely in high winds

Drone Hill wind farm operators AES refute allegations that the wind farm may have been operated during period of high winds.

An AES spokesperson said: “AES take safety extremely seriously as a company and refute any suggestion that the Drone Hill turbines operated unsafely during periods of high winds.

“The guidelines are that should the wind speed exceed 25m/s over a 10 minute period, or if they exceed 28m/s over 30 seconds this will automatically initiate a shut down. A delay is applied so the turbines don’t start back up again until the wind drops below 25m/s.

“The turbines were shut down on December 5, in line with this precaution.

“At all other times the turbines were operating efficiently and safely without the need for shut down measures.”

Regarding complaints of noise nuisance, AES said it had been dealt with by the council: “A noise complaint was made to Scottish Borders Council and a full, independent assessment has taken place. From this point, Scottish Borders Council will share the results with the complainants to provide them with their verdict.”

Turning to complaints about access onto Coldingham Moor at the wind farm AES say they have improved it was the landowner and not themselves who locked the large swing gate.