Drinking in public by-law a step closer

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The consultation period for plans to introduce a by-law restricting the drinking of alcohol in designated places in the Borders closes next week.

It has been the longest consultation undertaken by Scottish Borders Council prior to councillors making a decision about which towns and villages in the region, if any, should be covered by the legislation.

There is support for the by-laws from the police and communities in Eyemouth and Coldingham, but in Duns there is less enthusiasm for it and Coldstream & District Community Council still remain to be convinced of the need for it in the town.

The decision on where to apply the by-law will ultimately be taken by councillors and Councillor Michael Cook gave an assurance that they would listen to the views of each community before making the decision and seeking agreement for it from the Scottish Government.

It may be that the by-law will only be implemented in the larger towns across the region, where drinking in the street or in local parks has caused problems, plus other communities who want to be involved.

Exceptions will be made for common ridings, local festivals and new year celebrations.