Drew selected for Sahara desert trek

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Bank worker Drew Crummings is getting ready to swap his desk for the desert as he has been selected for a trek across the Sahara .

Drew, who works for the Bank of Scotland in Coldstream and Duns, has been chosen as one of a 33 strong party from the whole of the Lloyds Banking Group and will venture to Africa at the end of September.

He first learned of the opportunity whilst having a look on the bank’s internal site and after reading all the relevant information was keen to sign up.

“I looked at all the important questions and answers and then just decided to go for it,” he said.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and like my partner Susan said to me I’d regret it if I didn’t apply.”

Drew classes himself as being quite fit, going for long walks with his dogs and playing football every Tuesday night but he knows that nothing will fully prepare him for the 100km trek he’ll embark on in a few months time.

“With the nights get lighter I try and do about 6-7km on an evening with the dogs and I’m a keen walker anyway but there’s a big lack of huge sandy spaces in Berwickshire and I don’t think I’ll ever train in the same temperatures!

“During the day temperatures in the Sahara reach about 30 degrees but it goes from one extreme to the other as at night it can get to zero so I have to pack for all conditions.”

Between now and then Drew needs to raise £4,000 for the bank’s chosen charity, Alzheimer’s Scotland and he had a painful start to his fundraising efforts on Sunday when he booked himself in for a chest wax at Skin Deep in Coldstream.

It might not have felt like it at the time but Drew’s few minutes of pain were worth every penny as they helped him pass the £1000 mark.

Money has also been raised in recent weeks with a raffle at Drew’s workplaces in Coldstream and Duns and a special raffle amongst staff with the prize being that Drew’s manager will cover a Saturday shift for the lucky winner.

“At first £4,000 was a bit of a daunting figure,” Drew continued.

“It still is a hell of an amount to raise but Susan and my colleagues have been fantastic so far with their support.

“I didn’t think I’d be at £1,000 already. Thanks to everyone who’s donated.”