Dramatic rescue at Coldingham farm

Rescue in Coldingham following a tree felling accident
Rescue in Coldingham following a tree felling accident

A RAF helicopter came to the rescue of a 51-year-old man on Monday afternoon after he became trapped by a tree he was felling at Milldown Farm, Coldingham.

A spokesman for the Forth Coastguard told ‘The Berwickshire News’ they received a call from Lothian and Borders Police at 4.45pm requesting assistance for the casualty, named locally as Dr Chris Anderson.

He was swept into a gully by a sudden downpour and part of the tree rolled onto him. Dr Anderson was freed by local workmen and although paramedics were able to move him to safety, due to the terrain they were unable to bring him all the way back up the slope he’d fallen down.

Giving their account of the incident, a neighbour said: “At around 5pm yesterday (Monday) we heard the air ambulance come into land in a field opposite our house and when we looked down saw two police cars, an ambulance and a coastguard vehicle at Milldown Farm.

“We spoke to one of the builders working at the farm and we were told that Dr Chris Anderson of Cole Mill had been felling trees, one of which had landed on his leg which it was suspected he had broken but they could not tell for sure as he was trapped by the tree.

“The builder was alerted by one of Dr Anderson’s children running up to ask for help.”

On being contacted by the police, the coastguard alerted Eyemouth, Dunbar and North Berwick cliff teams but, as the area where Dr Anderson was described as “slippy and crumbly,” a decision was taken for them not to attempt to reach him.

The Sea King rescue helicopter arrived from RAF Boulmer shortly after and dropped a man off before landing in an adjoining field.

After 30 minutes on the ground, the helicopter took off again, dropped its winch cable and lifted out the rescuer and Dr Anderson in a stretcher with his leg splinted.

The Sea King landed in a nearby field and Dr Anderson was transferred to the awaiting air ambulance and taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to be treated for leg injuries.