Drakemire’s 100m turbine

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Planning consultants AAH have submitted a fourth request for Scottish Borders Council’s views on the siting of a 100m high single wind turbine.

Having already asked for screening opinions on proposed single 100m masts at Harelaw, Chirnside, Chesterbank, Lamberton, and Thorneydykes near Westruther, AAH have now turned their sights on land at Drakemyre, north of the village of Preston, on the A6112 Duns to Grantshouse road.

It will now be for the council to determine whether, based on the information they have been given, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) needs to be carried out before a planning application is submitted.

An EIA would need to be carried out if the proposal is over 15m and is “likely to have significant effects on the environment by virtue of factors its size, nature or location”.

AAH consultants contend that: “Whilst the proposal may be visible from a wide area, through careful siting minimal impact would occur.

“The proposal will be accompanied by reports addressing landscape and visual impact, highways access, ecology and heritage assets and there is nothing within the proposal which would lead to consideration under the EIA regulations.

“We therefore request confirmation that the proposal has been screened and found not to constitute EIA developments.”

The proposed site for this latest 100m turbine is 2.9km south of the three operational turbines at Brockholes, and opponents are likely to highlight what they have termed ‘turbine creep’ out of the Lammermuirs towards the coast.