Donation for cancer patients at BGH

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CANCER patients at Borders General Hospital have a better chance of avoiding hair loss thanks to a donation from the country’s leading grant-making breast cancer charity.

Walk the Walk has donated two specialist scalp-cooling machines to the hospital.

Walk the Walk, which organises the famous MoonWalk and SunWalk challenges, donated the Orbis Paxman scalp coolers as part of its pledge to get the machines into more hospitals throughout the UK, to help prevent or reduce hair loss for some patients undergoing certain types of chemotherapy treatment.

BGH can now offer the benefits of scalp-cooling treatment to many local cancer patients.

Nina Barough, founder and chief executive of Walk the Walk, said: “I know personally how much integrated care helped me on my journey through breast cancer so I am delighted that Walk the Walk has made this very special donation of Orbis Paxman Scalp Coolers to Borders General Hospital.”

The machines lower the temperature of the head and scalp immediately before, during and after chemotherapy. This can prevent or minimise the damage caused to hair follicles, meaning that hair loss is not inevitable.

For some people the most distressing side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss and many fear losing their hair as the most visible signs of cancer treatment.