Dog walkers on guard as police confirm poison biscuit reports

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WARNING posters have been put up in Coldstream once again after dog owners have become aware of poison dog biscuits being put down around the town.

Owners of a number of dogs have attributed their pets’ sudden illnesses in the last few years 
to the dog treats, which have mainly been located at spots popular with dog walkers such as Home Park.

And although Lothian and Borders Police say they haven’t received word of any animals being poisoned in recent weeks, a spokesperson did confirm to ‘The Berwickshire’ that they were in possession of a number of suspect biscuits which had been found in Coldstream.

They commented: “An incident was reported on Friday, July 27, regarding dog biscuits found in the park which appear to have a foreign substance contained within.

“Officers have the biscuits now and are looking into the possibility of having them sent for analysis in an effort to identify what this substance is.

“There isn’t anything in relation to any animals having been poisoned.

“The officer dealing with this is still making enquiries.”

Fears were raised earlier this year that poison biscuits were being put down and one dog walker made their concerns known to Scottish Borders Council dog warden Laurie Wood after finding some in the Parkside and Gowan Lea areas.

Warning posters were also put up around the town and in the window of Howden’s Pet Food Supplies and owner Rob Smith, in light of the reports of more biscuits being in circulation, decided to take the same course of action once again.

“I first became aware of the biscuits the weekend before last when someone came into the shop to tell me,” he commented.

“My immediate reaction was to do exactly the same thing as I’d done in the past and put the posters up.

“It’s becoming a worryingly regular occurence in Coldstream and hopefully the very sick person who is doing this will be caught very soon.

“But until then dog owners need to be vigilant.

“If the person who’s doing this has got an issue with dog dirt not being cleaned up that is not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s.

“And I have to say to my knowledge the large majority of people who walk their dogs in Coldstream are very responsible.”