Dog walkers are warned about poisoned biscuits

FEARS have been raised that poisoned dog biscuits are being placed around Coldstream, but no dogs have been harmed as yet.

Concerns about someone trying to deliberately poison dogs in the town were first raised a few years ago, with a number of dog walkers becoming concerned for the welfare of their animals.

The issue was raised with the local police and although they have yet to launch an investigation this time around, one resident has made a complaint to Coldstream’s dog warden Laurie Wood that poisoned dog biscuits were put down in Parkside and the bottom of Gowan Lea.

As a precaution warning posters have been put in Howden’s pet store on Coldstream High Street urging dog walkers to be extra vigilant and spread the word about the reports to other pet owners. However, local vets Renton Swan said although they’d heard talk of poisoned biscuits being around the town they were yet to treat any dogs who’d been poisoned by them.

The woman who raised fears of suspect biscuits with Laurie Wood, Val Howard said she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to poison animals.

“Who it is who is doing it we don’t know. The talk is that they’re angry about people not cleaning up after their dogs but surely the answer isn’t to kill the dogs themselves?

“Yes there are some people who don’t pick up their dogs’ mess but there are also an awful lot of responsible owners who do. I’m not going to change where I walk my dog but I am keeping a sharp eye out and all other dog walkers have been alerted to do the same.”