Does your bus pass need upgraded?

Some bus passes will no longer be valid after December 31.
Some bus passes will no longer be valid after December 31.

If you haven’t upgraded your OneScotland guard you may find it stops working after December 31, 2016.

Councils across Scotland are replacing older cards with the OneScotland logo with newer ones to keep up to date with the latest smartcard technology used on buses, trains, ferries and the Glasgow Subway.

Gordon Hanning, Transport Scotland’s head of concessionary travel and integrated ticketing said: “Nearly all of the 1.3 million cards bearing the OneScotland logo have already been updated in a programme that started in August 2014, however there are a few old ones in circulation.

We want to ensure those passengers who haven’t yet had their OneScotland card upgraded aren’t inconvenienced by calling on them to renew their card now, even if it doesn’t expire for several weeks.

Newer style cards, which will either have the saltirecard or the mygovscot logo on the front, do not need to be replaced.

Transport Scotland is working with bus operators to ensure older and disabled and young passengers will be assisted if they don’t have their updated bus pass in January.