Diving deeper and deeper


School might be out for summer, but not for young Jevon Leighton, who has completed his PADI Open Water course with Aquastar in Eyemouth.

Jevon, who attends Berwick Middle School, has been studying his dive manual after doing school homework.

This helped him complete theory tests on underwater navigation, peak performance buoyancy, deep diving, night diving and drift diving.

The minimum age for the course is 12, and Jevon was quick off the mark after his recent 12th birthday.

“I have been doing this for two years already,” he said. “Soon I’ll hopefully become a Master Diver, and then that’s me!”

At the end of July, Jevon attended Aquastar, whose staff selected which of those five subjects studied they were going to test him on.

Jevon then sat his Underwater Navigation Practical where he had to navigate between a set number of points and get to the finish all through compass reading underwater.

Moving around in darkness down in the depths may sound scary, but it its quite literally water off Jevon’s back: “It’s fairly simple, you have a torch down there,” he said.

He went on to pass the peak performancy buoyancy test, which means being able to remain underwater without either sinking to the bottom or rising to the surface, using a combination of breathing skills and air levels.

Jevon then went on his deepest dive which at 15.2 metres, is far below what he has been able to do before. He had to show the correct planning for the dive and that he could function safely at that depth.

Having passed, Jevon had successfully completed the course, just 26 days after his birthday, making him one of the youngest PADI Advanced Open Water Diver in the World. This allows him to dive to 21 metres and onto wrecks and reefs.

As to the future, Jevon said: “I want to get my Rescue Diver Qualification, and then teach for while before doing underwater police work, looking at wrecks and things like that.

“I love being down there, and the mysteries.”