Divers are rescued at Eyemouth

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Eyemouth lifeboat was called out twice over the weekend to assist divers who had got into difficulties.

On Saturday a member of the public walking on the cliff tops at Fort Point alerted the coastguard after becoming concerned about three divers who seemd to be struggling to get to shore and were drifting away. The lifeboat was launched and was quickly on scene. The three divers were lifted aboard the lifeboat and taken back to the safety of Eyemouth harbour.

Then, 24 hours later, the coastguard was notified about another diver in difficulty, this time at the Nest Ends, at the entrance to Eyemouth harbour. Again they were struggling to get back to shore and were stranded on rocks. Eyemouth lifeboat was launched, but due to the swell was unable to get in close to the rocks.

However, the search and rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer was on exercise in the area and was on scene within minutes. The diver was winched aboard the helicopter and flown the short distance back to shore.