Diver was airlifted from St Abbs to hospital in Aberdeen

St Abbs lifeboat.
St Abbs lifeboat.

A diver was airlifted from St Abbs to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary on Sunday, August 5, after feeling unwell when they arrived back at the harbour.

St Abbs independent lifeboat crew responded by administering first aid in the lifeboat station, and placed the casualty on oxygen while they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

After further treatment, and following advice from a specialist diving doctor, it was agreed that the casualty should be flown by to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for further examination/treatment. A Coastguard helicopter was sent to St Abbs, and the diver was airlifted to hospital.

A bystander who saw the incident said: “It’s always a big worry to see coastguard vehicles and ambulances on a harbour. A reminder for anyone who needs it, this lifeboat and its crew are essential to this place, and everyone involved in maintaining this emergency service can be rightly proud.”