Diver dies exploring German U-boat wreck

DUNBAR lifeboat was involved in an operation to try and save a 52-year-old diver who had got into difficulties in 47 metres of water 25 miles North East of Torness on Sunday.

Lifeboat coxswain Gary Fairbairn said: “We were responding to a mayday from the Eyemouth dive boat Jacob George. One of a party of seven divers exploring the wreck of a German U-boat had lost his air supply on the seabed. His dive buddy send him up to the surface but he was unconscious.

“We were about an hour away and as we were about three miles from the casualty a rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer arrived on scene and winched the diver a board and rushed him to Ninewellls Hospital in Dundee but very sadly he was dead.”

The Dunbar lifeboat took the dead man’s dive buddy, who was suffering from shock, back to Eyemouth where he was examined by medics.

Last Thursday Dunbar’s lifeboat went to the aid of one of its own crew volunteers who had become unwell at sea on his fishing boat.

Kevin Keillor (30) raised the alarm on Thursday evening as he succumbed to extreme chest pains that left him unable to skipper his boat.

Coxswain Gary Fairbairn said: “Kevin raised the alarm while on a lone passage between Eyemouth and Dunbar – he had tried resting for an hour but found himself unable to continue.

“By the time we reached him he was in serious pain and hyperventilating. We got him on board the lifeboat and treated him with painkillers and took him back to our berth at Torness where medics were waiting for him. It may be a little time before he’s well enough to go back to sea.”