Devolution role for Michael Moore

Michael Moore MP
Michael Moore MP
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Borders MP and former Scottish Minister Michael Moore will represent the Liberal Democrats on the new commission tasked with delivering more powers to Scotland following the No vote in the independence referendum.

The Smith Commission aims to get agreement between the SNP, Scottish Labour, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Greens on the way forward by November 30, publishing a ‘command paper’ setting out the issues by October 31, with draft legislation unveiled by January 25.

Mr Moore said of his appointment: “I know that some people in the Borders and across Scotland have been concerned that more powers for Scotland would fall by the wayside after the referendum. Lord Smith’s Scottish Devolution Commission will assure people that this is absolutely not the case and that all the parties of Scotland are committed to working together deliver more powers to Scotland.

“The Liberal Democrats’ positive and detailed plan for Home Rule in a Federal UK prepared by Sir Menzies Campbell gives us the best possible foundation in these cross-party negotiations.

“Our plans would give the Scottish Parliament the home rule powers it needs to do things differently if it chooses to through increased financial powers. But we need to ensure that this is not just a process for the politicians but one for wider Scotland too. It needs to tap in to the great energy and interest generated by the referendum.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie described Mr Moore as “the architect of the fair, legal and decisive result, delivered with the backing of two million voters”.