Determined Richard to take the plunge

Jacqui Adams , at Eyemouth harbou
Jacqui Adams , at Eyemouth harbou
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Three years after having a bone marrow transplant, Chirnside’s Richard Adams is fulfilling his promise to take part in the Great North Swim again.

Richard was diagnosed with a pre-Leukeamia condition called Retrograde Anaemia with Excessive Blast cells (RAEB),shortly after completing the Lake District swim in 2009.

Although he still has his fair share of health problems, including issues with his hearing , sight and balance he has been training hard to be ready for the 2013 event.

Richard’s wife Jacqui, herself an ME sufferer, said throughout what has been a difficult few years for him, his determination has remained strong.

“The hardest thing for Richard is that he used to live such an active lifestyle before his diagnosis,” she commented.

“He’ll never do hill running again and it’s not safe for him to cycle to and from work like he used to but he is still able to swim.

“He always maintained he’d do the Great North Swim again and it’d mean a lot to him to complete it.”

Farne Salmon employee Richard is currently gathering sponsors for the swim, with the money going to Macmillan.

And Richard’s determination to try and get fit again and take part in a event that would be gruelling enough for any able bodied person, let alone someone who’s been through what he has, left one of their nurses stunned.

“She quite often checks in with us to find out how Richard’s doing and couldn’t believe it when I said he was swimming again,” Jacqui said.

“She said she’d never known anyone to get their fitness back the way he has.

“He’ll go to the swimming pool and knock a mile out without thinking anything of it.

“And as well as his swimming he runs with Duns Running Club on Tuesdays when he can. Things like that were normal activities for him up until a few years ago.”

“And he still gets upsets if his times are slower than he’d like them to be. He is feeling quite confident about next week though.”

Richard has so far completed four sea swims as part of his training for the Great North Swim, most recently taking a dip into the sea at Eyemouth.

If you’d like to sponsor him visit