Deter fuel thieves urge police

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Following a spate of diesel thefts in the region- including one in Berwickshire- and the issue of a warning against fuel thieves last week, the head of Lothian and Borders Police’s Safer Communities Team is urging vehicle owners to heed some advice which should help them avoid becoming a victim.

The most recent theft occurred at St Abbs when 1500 litres of kerosene heating oil from a house in Brierylaw.

Police are appealing for information and and Inspector John Scott is offering the following advice in a bid to ward off any attempts by would be thieves.

“I would appeal to both businesses and members of the public to be vigilant at all times, particularly in or around industrial estates.

“I would also like to urge owners of HGV’s vehicle to pay particular attention to their fuel levels and ensure that their vehicles are properly secured when left unattended and where possible, parked within a secured compound.

“If this is not possible, I would urge owners to park their vehicles in well lit areas, and if possible park next to another HGV vehicle, leaving minimal space between the vehicles fuel tanks. This can assist to minimise the opportunity of people getting in between the vehicles to steal fuel.

“I would also encourage owners of HGV’s to fit anti siphon devices to their vehicles, which is another approach to make it tougher for criminals to commit fuel theft”.

“Finally, I would appeal to the public that should they observe anyone acting suspiciously or appear to be loitering around HGV vehicles or near to industrial estates to contact their local police station immediately or contact the Force Communication Centre on 0131 311 3131”.