Destiny wins Tot Idol

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Greenlaw baby Destiny Sienna Hume has been crowned the Tot Idol champion for 2012.

The toddler, who turned one in February, polled more votes than any of the 42 entrants in the annual Berwickshire News and Berwick Advertiser competition. Mum Alison Jackson, originally from Berwick, will receive a canvas portrait print of her daughter taken by professional family photographer Kate Harbinson as a prize. The runner-up is two-year-old Charlie Ethington from Berwick, with four-year-old Lille-Mae Carson from Norham in third. They each receive framed prints.

Destiny’s mum, Alison, said: “We had lots of support from family and friends. My mum lives in Shoresdean near Berwick and she had the whole village handing voting slips into the newspaper office.”

There were 1,415 votes cast overall by phone text and coupon, but Destiny, who has a 16-year-old sister and brothers aged 11 and six, was the only entrant to reach treble figures. She finished a clear overall winner with 154 votes.

“Destiny started walking last week,” added Alison. “She is a real character with a cheeky smile and since she started walking last week a whole new world has opened up to her. We have to keep a much closer eye on her.”

The story behind Destiny’s name underlines just how special she is.

Alison explains: “We lost a baby boy at 18 weeks a year before she was born. When we tried again we predicted it would a girl and that everything would be all right, so we named her Destiny. Her middle name, Sienna, was the name we had picked for a girl the year before. So she is a very special girl.”