Depute head’s new challenge

Maggie Hodgkins
Maggie Hodgkins

Mrs Maggie Hodgkins has taken up her new post this week of depute headteacher at Eyemouth High School.

The School’s principal teacher of achievement and religious, moral and philosophical studies was successful through the recruitment process which included staff, parents, local community members and, of course, pupils.

Mrs Hodgkin’s new role will involve overseeing S3 and S4 students as well as working with parents and different curricular areas. She will also have responsibility for pupil support.

Mrs Hodgkins joined the Eyemouth High School staff in 2012 as the RMPS teacher. Since then, she has taken on a whole variety of opportunities alongside successfully teaching classes from S1 to S6, This has included core RME classes and Certificated National 4/5 and Higher courses. She has been actively involved in the creation of the school’s Amnesty International Group and the School Food Bank Collection as well as dynamically supporting the wider school community partnerships through initiatives such as the ‘Hiymooth Eye Team’.

Since 2014, Mrs Hodgkins has worked as an interim principal teacher of achievement which has involved her hard and dedicated work towards the junior school ‘Challenge’ programme, as well as working closely with the school’s student leadership teams and many other aspects of achievement.

The Hiymooth Eye team met with Mrs Hodgkins to discuss her time at Eyemouth as well as her plans and ideas for her new role. Mrs Hodgkins told us: “I’m really looking forward to working with staff, students and parents in my new capacity as depute headteacher. I am extremely privileged to be working alongside pupils who are motivated and want only the best for themselves and their local community. I look forward to supporting students in my new capacity”.

She also looks forward to adding to the existing leadership team at Eyemouth alongside Mr Robertson, Mr Mackay, Mrs Harvey (the school’s business manager), and Mr Chapman.

We would all like to wish the very best of luck to Mrs Hodgkins and look forward to working with her in her new role.