Defibrillator mapping task

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A new campaign by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) to register all defibrillators in the UK has been launched the hope being that by mapping every defibrillator thousands more lives will be saved.

The project will see the NHS, BHF and Microsoft work together to improve survival rates of cardiac arrests. At the moment only 3% of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests make use of a nearby public access defibrillator.

According to the BHF, every minute after cardiac arrest without defibrillation means a 10% lower chance of survival. This new scheme will map nearby locations and the 999 call handler will be able to direct callers and bystanders to their nearest machine.

Owners and guardians of defibrillators are being urged to register their device with the Scottish Ambulance Service so that they can be added to the National Defibrillator Network once it is set up.

Rachael Hamilton MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire said: “Many villages and organisations in the Borders have made it a priority to have a defibrillator installed in their area or premises. It is important that these are registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service so that call handlers can direct those helping to a nearby machine’

“I urge all people who are responsible for their local defibrillator to ensure it is registered with the Scottish Ambulance service.”