Defending bulky uplift charges

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Council tax payers in South Ayrshire are paying more than households elsewhere in Scotland for having bulky items taken away by the local authority.

An investigation by the BBC shared data unit looked at costs across the UK for bulky waste collections - items such as furniture, household electrical items like televisions and white goods including fridges and freezers - and concluded that South Ayrshire took the number one spot as the most expensive council in Scotland for bulky waste collection.

“Our analysis reveals widespread regional variation in how much people are being asked to pay, with prices ranging from just a few pounds for a single item to more than £100 for collections of multiple items,” said a BBC team spokesperson.

South Ayrshire Council responded by saying: “We strive to provide quality services and best value to our residents. With bulky uplifts we charge £20 for the first item and a very reasonable £2.50 for each item thereafter.

“The over simplified statistics cannot be compared like-for-like and they show that 19 of other Scottish councils charge more than us for the collection of one bulky item.

“We uplift up to seven bulky items per visit and the figures show that only four other Scottish Councils remove more items than us.

“Our bulky uplift service remains good value and we have worked tirelessly to keep the costs low. We also have recycling centres in prime locations for householders to take bigger items free of charge.”