Debit or credit card payments fail to show

Card purchase notices in Chirnside Co-op.
Card purchase notices in Chirnside Co-op.

Customers at Chirnside Co-op using debit or credit cards are warned that it could be days before the money comes out of their account.

A fault in the online payment system means that some payments dating back as far as September 23 have still not been debited from customers’ accounts.

Chirnside resident Jo Simpson contacted The Berwickshire after numerous conversations with Co-op Food head office, the financial ombudsman and the retail ombudsman.

Jo said: “I noticed that the transactions had not been deducted from my account (which by this time was 15 days later). My daughter and neighbour both checked their accounts and they noticed the same.

“I contacted Co-op head office and was told to go into the shop and inform the manager and ask them to put up a sign. I went to the shop, did this and it was three days later and a lot of messaging between myself and the Co-op Food on Facebook before any sign was put up.

“I’ve asked over and over again when this will be resolved and all the Co-op are saying is that the money will be deducted from our accounts soon.

“A lot of people shop daily in the Co-op here as it is our main food shop. There will be people for whom when the lump sum suddenly disappears from their accounts, this will put them into overdraft and they may even incur charges.”

In their Facebook conversation with Jo, Co-op Food said: “We have been on the phone to the store again this morning. They are receiving updates daily and this morning received the news that they may require a new line.

“It is still unclear how long this will take to fix so the team have put a notice up in store to inform customers. The store send their apologies again and want to assure you that they are doing everything they can to get this fixed.”

Clearly a new line is required, and a Co-op spokesperson told the Berwickshire News on Tuesday: “We are working with BT to install a new line for card payments and apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused.”

Jo is frustrated at the response she got when she contacted the retail ombudsman who said that it was not their area and she should call the bank.

“I’d already done this and the bank said that the retailer has up to six months to claim their money! It’s disgusting! We have no rights that any of us can find out about and it seems that we are powerless in this situation.”