Debating land use demands

Farmers and residents in the Leet and Eye Water catchment areas have been having their say on how land in the area should be used.

A Scottish Government pilot scheme about land use and how to get a more integrated approach to the pressures and demands being placed on the countryside has been on-going since last year and in recent weeks meetings have been held in Reston and Whitsome to discuss local issues.

The Leet valley was described as having some of the best agricultural land in the country, and farming use remains dominant. In the Eye Water catchment area tourism is also a major factor, so changes to livestock use near water courses have been made to try and improve the water quality at Eyemouth.

The work being done by the Tweed Forum and Scottish Borders Council on this two year land use pilot project will used to develop a guide for “users” to make informed decisions and achieve their objectives despite conflicting demands.