Day-to-day equality in the Borders

NHS boards and councils across Scotland have a duty to ensure that in their day-to-day business they promote equality and good community relations.

NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council have both produced reports in the past week showing how they are progressing with these legal duties.

NHS Borders says it is working hard to mainstream equality into working practices. Dr Doreen Steele, said: “The report underlines NHS Borders’ commitment to tackling discrimination, promoting equality of opportunity and good relations - both within our workforce and the wider community.

“We still have work to do but this report reflects the breadth of involvement already achieved to date.”

Over at Scottish Borders Council, chief executive Tracey Logan, said: “The council is committed to tackling discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and promoting good relations, both within our workforce and the wider community.

“This is a long term approach that aims to make sure that policy-making within the council is fully sensitive to the diverse needs and experiences of everyone.”

SBC champion for equality and diversity, John Greenwell, said: “As we continue our journey to become equality compliant it is vital that every elected member does their utmost to promote equality and diversity, and that they engage with people within their wards of different races and religions.

“The makeup of the council chamber at present does not reflect the makeup of the wards. We now have a diverse population made up of many ethnic minorities.

“The journey we are on will only be achieved if it has the will of all elected members to reach a point when we can say we have completed that journey.”