Dangers of sunbed use highlighted

A NEW campaign has been launched to highlight the dangers of unsafe tanning.

A skin cancer survivor and Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon joined forces earlier this week to issue a warnings about using sunbeds.

The warning comes as figures, published by ISD Scoland, show a sharp increase in reported cases of melanoma in the last 10 years.

Today’s cancer incidence figures show a 62 per cent rise in skin cancer between 2000 and 2010. The main risk factor for skin cancer is exposure to natural and artificial sunlight.

Mum-of-one Jacqui Carruthers was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in March 2009 and is now trying to discourage others from making the same mistake she made- using sunbeds in an attempt to get ‘a healthy glow’.

Nicola Sturgeon commented: “People need to realise how essential it is to wear sunscreen and cover up in the sun. Doing this and avoiding sunbed use really could save your life. Using sunbeds is dangerous and that is why Scotland led the way by being the first part of the UK to introduce legislation to address the health risks.”