D R Collin show ‘independence’

Eyemouth seafood business D R Collin are flying the flag for Scottish independence, displaying ‘Yes’ stickers on their fleet of over 60 vehicles.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 24th June 2014, 4:00 pm
DR Collin vans supporting the YES campaign
DR Collin vans supporting the YES campaign

The company’s branding already uses the lion rampant - regarded by many as Scotland’s unofficial nation flag - and the lion is now accompanied by the blue and white stickers of the ‘Yes’ campaign

D R Collin’s support for Scottish independence ahead of the referendum vote in September, has made boss James Cook an international celebrity and he was interviewed by a Catalan television company last week, explaining why he believes Scotland will be better off as an independent country.

A ‘Yes Berwickshire’ spokesperson said: “Yes Eyemouth would like to thank James Cook and all D R Collin staff for this very welcome turn of events in Eyemouth.”

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He went on to say: “James has had his entire fleet of over 60 vehicles, ranging from vans and pick-ups, to large refrigerated articulated lorries, decorated with ‘Yes stickers, and he is going to have a large ‘Yes’ sign erected outside his Eyemouth factory.

“D R Collin and Son was established in 1952 in Eyemouth, and over the years the company has gone from strength to strength, and is now a major exporter of all manner of seafood products worldwide.

“The company is also a major employer in Eyemouth and the surrounding area, and this positive decision by James, is an indication of the confidence he has about being able to carry on his thriving business, with none of the problems which Westminster would have us believe.

“D R Collin and Son operate from right on the border, and James is of the opinion that they will enjoy continued success in an Independent Scotland.”

Over the years their smoked fish, crab products, lobsters and langoustines has been in demand at top restaurants in Spain, Italy, France and the USA - even the King of Spain has been served Eyemouth shellfish.