Cyclists urged to be seen in the dark

P.C. Kevin Hughes on mountain bike out and about in Dunbar
P.C. Kevin Hughes on mountain bike out and about in Dunbar
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Police in Dunbar are warning cyclists to take measures to ensure they make themselves visible to motorists while its dark.

The issue has been raised in recent weeks after a number of near misses between cyclists and vehicles were reported to local officers.

PC Kevin Hughes, Community Beat Officer, said: “A number of residents use their bikes to travel to and from work while it’s dark and there are some commuters who cycle home from the train station at night time, without using lights.

“The Highway Code states that at night, your cycle must have white front and red rear lights lit. Flashing lights are permitted but it is recommended that cyclists who are riding in areas without street lighting use a steady front lamp.

“Bicycle lights can be purchased for a very low price, and they are very easily mounted and removed.

“We teach cycle safety to local school pupils and we have noticed that younger cyclists are listening to the safety advice and are using lights and high visibility vests cycling in the area which is encouraging.

“In the weeks ahead officers will be patrolling in the area to ensure that cyclists are taking the necessary measures to protect themselves and other people by making themselves visible in the hours of darkness.”