Customers’ payments taken

Payment issues at Chirnside Co-op
Payment issues at Chirnside Co-op

The payment problems at Chirnside Co-op were exacerbated by the lack of 3G and 4G signals available in the area.

Customers using the shop who had paid by debit card had no idea when the money would come out of their bank accounts because of a problem with a BT line.

A Co-op spokesperson confirmed that the problem had been fixed by Friday, and customers started to see the payments being taken from their accounts - some for shopping bought in September.

Chirnside resident Jo Simpson was in regular contact with Co-op head office and she received confirmation that the problem was down to a faulty BT line.

The letter she received went on to say: “Unfortunately our usual back up lines of communication using 3G and 4G were no use to us, due to lack of signal available. We did deliberate on how best to cope with this but decided to make sure the store was kept open due to the locality.”

The Co-op also apologised for not putting up a letter warning customers that payments would be taken from last Friday onwards.

“We are looking into the exact reason that this didn’t happen, please be assured it is certainly not our intention to leave anyone overdrawn in their bank account, having accrued charges or even worse, left with no money.

“If you have incurred bank charges or this has left you out of pocket we will of course deal with any customers who contact us regarding this issue.”