Cross border unity for family of nations

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Borders MP Michael Moore made the case for the United Kingdom during a session of Scottish Questions in the House of Commons

In a cross-party agreement in the House of Commons Mr Moore, alongside Conservative MP for Penrith and the Border Rory Stewart, asked the Secretary of State for Scotland specifically about what independence would mean for Border constituencies.

Afterwards Michael Moore MP said: “The future shape of Scotland, and the very existence of the United Kingdom, is at stake in the forthcoming referendum. If Scotland were to leave the United Kingdom, the Border constituencies would be the first to feel the effects of an international border.

“Anybody who pauses at the top of the Carter Bar on the A68 is able to experience one of the most beautiful views of Scotland, as well as one of the most beautiful views of England. I hope that at the end of the year when I pause at the top of the Carter Bar, this spot will still be a mutual meeting point between two nations, rather than an international border point separating two states.

“The United Kingdom is a family of nations. As a family, the ties that bind us are so much greater than the differences that divide us.