Woman admonished after literally washing daughter’s mouth out with soap

A 53-woman warned her daughter she would wash her mouth out with soap if she continued to be abusive.

Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 10:59 am
Jedburgh Sheriff Court

When the daughter continued swearing, Catherine Suker did exactly that by putting washing up liquid on her finger and put it in her mouth, causing the youngster to spit and splutter to get rid of the soapy taste.

The bizarre incident happened at her former home in Greenwell Avenue, Chirnside, on the evening of March 21.

Suker pleaded guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court to a charge of assaulting a child.

Depute fiscal Fiona Hamilton said Suker had been telling off her daughter for swearing.

The daughter knocked over some fluid and was told to clean to tidy up, but continued to be abusive.

Ms Hamilton continued: “She literally washed her mouth out with soap because of the abusive language.

“The accused put washing up liquid on her finger and put it in her daughter’s mouth causing her to spit and splutter.”

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said his client had been going through a difficult time with her Egyptian husband leaving her as soon as his UK citizenship came through.

He added:”She was struggling to cope with her daughter’s behaviour.”

Sheriff Peter Paterson commented that the phrase was common currency around 30 years ago.

He told Suker, now living in Berwick-upon-Tweed, he was “not going to add to her troubles” and admonished her.