Don’t be tempted to use your phone

There are new penalties for using a  mobile phone when driving.
There are new penalties for using a mobile phone when driving.

Driving on the rural roads in the Scottish Borders and elsewhere in the country is something that takes all of a driver’s concentration.

It is too easy to be distracted with all of the technology that is now available, be it navigation systems, mobile phones or other similar devices.

With this in mind, there has been a significant change in the fixed penalty fines for driving whilst using a mobile phone or hand held device as of March 1, 2017. From that date onwards the fine and penalty points has increased from £100 and three points to £200 and six points.

This is targeted to change driver behaviour, to ensure drivers are concentrating on the road and thus improve road safety for all road users.

The effects of losing concentration can be life changing for many reasons.

A new driver who has passed their test in the past two years, if caught for this offence, will revert back to a learner driver and have to resit their test.

Many of the accidents on the roads have an element of distraction as a causation factor, this is one of the reasons for the change.

The main thing drivers should have in their mind is never to use a mobile phone or other device when driving, put your phone out of reach and on silent, this way you will not be tempted.

Take these steps and don’t get caught as it could cost you your licence.