Distraction theft in Tesco car park

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A woman shopping at Tesco in Berwick on Friday was the victim of a fraud carried out by three men.

She paid for her shopping at the till by switch with a Visa debit card and after putting the shopping and her handbag in the car she returned the trolley, leaving the car doors closed but unlocked. A foreign male then approached her asking directions after which she returned to her car and went home.

After checking her online banking the next day she realised that approximately £5000 had been removed from her account.

Police investigations revealed a team of three males had been working together, watching as she typed her PIN in, then distracted her in the car park while they removed the bankcard from her purse.

When using your cash card at a till or a cash line shield your PIN number from anyone. Never leave your car unlocked if it is unattended.