Creel boat towed home after engine failure

Dunbar lifeboat rescue
Dunbar lifeboat rescue

Dunbars inshore lifeboat was lunched at 10.30am on Monday October 19 after a local creel boat had suffered engine failure.

After the crew had assembled at the station the inshore boat was quickly launched.

It proceeded towards the vessel which was approximately two miles east of Dunbar.

Once on the scene the crew set up a tow line as there were no other problems on board and started the tow the vessel back to the harbour.

Dunbar’s coastguard team had also been tasked.

After a short tow into the harbour at Dunbar, the vessel was moored up along side the pier, with the help of the 
coastguard team, to allow for maintenance to be carried out on it.

Dunbar’s lifeboat was then recovered and made ready for service a short time afterwards.