Crane blown off course in winds

The crane which was rescue at Lowick.
The crane which was rescue at Lowick.

Last Monday Kay was at Lowick answering a call from a lady who thought she had seen a limping crane in one of her fields.

Kay suspected it might be a large heron but when she got her binoculars on the bird she realised it was in fact a crane. Realising she would have difficulty capturing the bird by herself she phoned Dick for help. It looked frighteningly large (and having to go in its pen to feed it I must agree it does seem very large with a beak that is about eight inches long) but they were most worried about injuring the bird further.

Encouraging the bird along they eventually managed to reach it and it was certainly unable to fly.

Dick managed to secure the bird which folded up quite neatly to bring back and it was immediately taken to the vet who checked it out The vet found there were no serious injuries to the bird and thought it was unable to fly as it was exhausted after being blown off course in strong winds. He suggested a few days rest and recuperation so it was brought back to the Rollo Centre. We decided to put him in the JD aviary and he has been eating maize and peas with mealworms and potatoes as a starter.

We were not sure where we stood on releasing him so we had to contact the RSPCA who passed us to the Crane Project. They advised release as soon as possible but we needed a safe place for him to go where he would be left alone. We have managed to find such a place but the location will be kept a secret until he flies off again.