Craig to put on a show ‘The Big Yin’ would be proud of

A MAN described as ‘a young Billy Connolly’- although he’d be the first to admit he isn’t that young - is heading for Berwick on Saturday and hoping to put on a show that the great Scot would be proud of.

After supporting the likes of Frankie Boyle and Rich Hall, not to mention having a clutch of successful shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Craig Campbell is ready to make his Berwick bow on his first nationwide tour.

By the time ‘The Guide’ spoke to Craig last week, he had completed the first two nights of the jaunt and seemed excited about the prospect of hitting The Maltings stage.

“I’m the type of guy who doesn’t mind a bit of graft,” he commented. ‘‘I love the fact that one minute I’ll be in Berwick and the next day I could be in Dover. I think Brits are great; their mentality seems to be that you can make a real go of it now rather than having to pay your dues which tends to be the attitude in America.

“Being on stage is what I love doing and I know I’m not at the stage yet where I’ll be performing for my own solo show to thousands of people in a big arena.

“Having supported Frankie Boyle doing exactly that I found having my face projected onto a big screen and hearing a joke two seconds after I first said it a bit surreal.

“It’s a great spectacle but I think a barrier goes up between you and the audience when you lose some intimacy, so I love doing places like Berwick where the crowd will be just about right.”

As well as popping up on TV and radio on ‘Out to Lunch’ to name but one show, and touring the UK, Craig said that as a comedian he also got to embrace his other love - travelling.

“It’s one thing being a comedian but I also get to travel around the world. I’ve got a little trip to the Alps in the pipeline to do a festival and then Norway before I come back over here to do Glastonbury. It might not sound like it but I actually have a fairly forgiving schedule.”

Craig is most definitely a busy man so make sure you don’t miss his trip to Berwick at the weekend. He’s got many fans amongst critics and his comic peers, so to see what all the fuss is about get your ticket now.