Counting the cost the wintry weather has had on seabirds

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St Abbs Head National Nature Reserve ranger Liza Cole is asking for members of the public to report any dead seabirds they find along the Berwickshire coastline.

The wintry weather experienced this month has had a devastating impact on seabirds along Scotland’s east coast and the Centre for Hydrology & Ecology, based on the Isle of May, is asking people to report any dead sea birds to them so they can build up a picture of the true impact that this winter has had.

So far reports have come in of over 300 dead birds washed in along the east coast, mainly guillemots and razorbills but also shags, cormorants and puffins.

Report details to Mark at The information that would be useful is: species and number of birds; location; ◾ring numbers◾. If you find an exhausted or injured bird call the Berwick Swan & Wildlife Trust on (01289) 302882.