Counterfeit notes warning

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Police Scotland is advising Borders businesses to be extra vigilant and to watch out for counterfeit Clydesdale Bank notes.

This follows incidents of counterfeit notes being passed to retail outlets in the Borders area over the past few weeks. Police are looking for two white males who are both in their thirties. They are both of average height and one of the men had a tattoo on his neck. They both have west of Scotland accents.

Chief Inspector Jim Royan said: “Shops and businesses should make sure staff check all notes when taking payment. We would also advise businesses to invest in detector lights or pens. These are relatively inexpensive and can quickly identify if a note is genuine. The public should also be aware when the customer tries to pay for a small value item with a high denomination note. This is a well known trick used by criminals”.

Anyone who comes across a suspect note is advised to contact Police Scotland can on 101 or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.