Councillor expenses published on line

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A total of £736,810 was paid out in salaries and expenses to Scottish Borders Council councillors in 2013-14.

This was slightly down on last year’s councillor allowances and expenses which amounted to £724,280.75,(salaries £642,956 and expenses £99,324.15).

In the last financial year salaries accounted for the bulk of the pay-outs, travel and telephone and ICT expenses accounting for £88,244.26.

East Berwickshire councillors’ expenses: Joan Campbell - £20,082.12 (salary £16,395.96, expenses £3,686.16); Michael Cook, executive member for HR and corporate improvement - £25,780.81 (salary £22,220.04, expenses £3,560.77); Jim Fullarton - £19,309.96 (salary £16,395.96, expenses £2,914.00).

Mid Berwickshire councillors’ expenses: John Greenwell - £18,451.14 (salary £16,395.96, expenses £2,055.18); Donald Moffat, executive member for community safety - £26,434.62 (salary £22,220.04, expenses £4,214.58); Frances Renton, executive member for social work and housing - £24,953.94 (salary £22,220.04, expenses £2,733.90).

As council leader David Parker has the highest salary of £32,795.04.