Council worker hurt in gritter crash

Kevin Ryan.
Kevin Ryan.

Gritter driver Kevin Ryan was lucky to escape more serious injury when his truck crashed off the road in snow and ice.

He was gritting a hill on Sunday, January 21 on the B6350 close to the junction of the A698 opposite the Collingwood Arms Hotel in Cornhill when the vehicle skidded into a tree which smashed the windscreen and side cab window and hit him on the head.

Passer-by Mike Turnbull found Kevin and called for help. Fire crews considered cutting the roof off the truck to get him out but Kevin’s co-worker Andrew Deans arrived and managed to move the steering wheel so Kevin could be removed.

Kevin was taken by ambulance to Borders General Hospital where he was treated for whiplash injuries and cuts and bruises. He is now making a steady recovery at home in Tweedmouth.

Kevin, who works for Northumberland County Council, had been out gritting from 3am to 8.30am and was then called back out to the Cornhill area to help out when he crashed,