Council urge Borders residents to recycle

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Each year 1.8 billion plastic bottles are used in Scottish households but only a quarter are recycled.

And with this in mind, during Recycle Week (June 18-24) Scottish Borders residents are being urged to recycle all of their plastic bottles.

Figures from Zero Waste Scotland show that although plastic bottle recycling has increased over the past decade, only 26% of the 1.8 billion are recycled.

Julie Rankine, Scottish Borders Council’s waste strategy manager, is encouraging everyone to increase the amount they recycle.

The region has seen recycling statistics increase year on year in recent times and Julie is keen to continue this upward trend.

She commented: “We know residents in the Scottish Borders have been very keen to recycle and we want to thank them for their enthusiasm. However, it is important that we keep looking at ways to increase recycling. One way of doing that is by looking at our own habits and seeing if we can improve them.

“This year’s Recycling Week is an ideal opportunity for us all to stop and think before we throw an empty bottle away.”

Councillor Davie Paterson, executive member for environmental services, added: “All kinds of plastic bottles and their lids are accepted in kerbside recycling collections. Many workplaces also have facilities for recycling so it’s easy to make sure it goes into the recycling system and gets a new lease of life.”

Plastic bottles can be made into many things including more bottles, containers and fleece clothing.

In the Borders as well as milk, shampoo, bleach, shower gel bottles or even plastic bottles used outside in the garden other plastics can be recycled including clear and clean food trays, film and wrappers, and carrier bags (but no black bags).