Council marks three decades of seatbelt law

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Scottish Borders Council’s road safety working group is marking the 30th anniversary of the seatbelt law by reminding drivers and passengers to wear a seatbelt on every trip in a vehicle.

Councillor Donald Moffat, Executive Member for Community Safety, said: “Seatbelts save an estimated 2,200 lives a year in the UK, and they also reduce the severity of injuries if you or your passengers are involved in an accident.

“In a crash at 30mph without a seatbelt, your body will hit anything in front of you, including another passenger or driver, with a force of between 30 and 60 times your own body weight. It is estimated that half of the people killed in vehicles could have been saved if they had worn a seatbelt.

“So, for your own and others’ safety, please use a seatbelt and make sure your passengers are also safely restrained.”

It is dangerous not to wear your seatbelt and it is also illegal. Every year police in Scotland catch around 27,000 people not wearing a seatbelt. They face a £60 fixed penalty notice but you can be fined up to £500. The driver is also responsible for anyone under 14 not wearing a seatbelt, and liable for the £60 penalty for each unrestrained child.