Council is asked to get involved in Brexit

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Another Tuesday comes and goes and another House of Commons vote on the EU Withdrawal Agreement is taken by MPs as the rest of the country and Europe looks on.

Borders MP John Lamont voted in favour of the amendment tabled by backbench MP Graham Brady - for Prime Minister Theresa May to go back to the EU and get the deal changed.

“My constituents want to see an end to the bickering and are sick to the back teeth of Brexit,” said Mr Lamont.

“Most people just want the vote to be respected and delivered so we can move on to talk about more important things.

“The best way to achieve this is to change the current deal, remove the most problematic part and get it passed by Parliament.”

Opposition leader at Scottish Borders Council, Stuart Bell, however, is asking the council to get involved and back a second vote on Brexit.

Mr Bell (SNP) has submitted a motion for the council to consider today (Thursday) which would see them writing to Holyrood and Westminster in support of either a second referendum or a general election.

The motion reads: “As the UK Parliament has been unable to agree upon terms for withdrawal from the EU and as the facts about, and implications of, withdrawal are now clear, Scottish Borders Council considers that the case for withdrawal should be directly decided by the British people on the basis of the actual facts.”

Outlining his reasons for submitting the motion, Mr Bell said: “The potential impact on the Borders economy of a chaotic departure from the European Union could be so severe that I think the council cannot sit back and not express an opinion.  

“I tried to get Scottish Borders Council to wake up to Brexit challenges in March last year, but a motion proposed then was defeated.

“It is now clear, and indeed it is alarming, that the UK Parliament is blocked and has been unable to make a clear decision on which route to take and on how Brexit should be brought to pass. The decision should be put back to the people. That could be through a general election or it could be through another EU referendum.

“To have a referendum, based on definite proposals and on an honest statement of the facts about leaving Europe would not betray the decision taken in 2016. Maybe the people should decide through a general election. Either way the UK Parliament is failing on this and now the people, themselves, must decide.”